A concrete mixer is something that can always be on seen a building site where concrete will be used. There are many different purposes for concrete in the development of a building or house, which is why mixers are so apparent at building sites. A mixer will use special building materials, such as the ingredients necessary to make concrete, mix them up and then produce the final product which can be applied to the building.

Many different concrete slabs are also made with mixers, which usually continue mixing throughout a days work so that the concrete itself does not dry up and get stuck inside the machine. A common type of concrete mixer that comes to mind when one is thinking about a building site would be the type that is embedded at the back of a truck, this makes for easy transport not only around the building site but also to other destinations around the city.

There are also smaller concrete mixers available which can be controlled manually, these are very common on smaller building sites, and will require labourers to insert all the ingredients manually as well as mixing the concrete by turning various part of the machine.